About Us

Us is About Stoopid Kardz®.

Not normal greeting cards. When you go to the store at www.stoopidkardz.com you’ll see.
Us is committed to laughter, rudeness, shock value and outrageous stuff kardz never say (but
would secretly love to). If you are a people looking for kardz like no other anywhere, we got
something for every sense of humor. Looking for short blasts of tastelessness? Got e’m. Hoping
for a kard that blows other cards out of the water for its sheer length and potential to outrage? Bingo!
Hunting for total nonsense and absurdity? You’re covered. Searching for kardz that go where no
wimpy-ass typical card would dare go? You’ve arrived.

But that’s just the store.

Here at the Blog, Us is About lots more than blogging about Stoopid Kardz®

Us is About blogging about everything stoopid that goes into the kardz and who’s responsible. You’ll see
videos of real people and what they think, and all sorts of other garbage that’s just as stoopid as the kardz.
Like this here  — it’s just one example of how hard we work to bring you truly horrendous greeting kardz,
to show you how high our low standards really are, here’s a kard that was recently rejected, complete with
the stoopidity rating from our Kwality Kontrol Departmint:


No warm fuzzy lovey dovey kissy huggy cheap gooey honey-dripping heartwarming sentiment for us here at
Stoopid Kardz.® You can get that in all those stores (you know where) full of candy toys and knick-knacks
and candles so heavily scented that you can’t wash the Summer Peach/Kiwi stink off your clothes or out of
your hair and your pits for two weeks even if you scrub with steel wool and gasoline. No exotic, elegant scents,
here; we smell like what we are: Stoopid.

Visit this blog often for the contests and articles and you’ll end up smelling Stoopid, too. Take a deep,
cleansing breath and inhale …can you smell it?… no? You will soon, we promise.