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Nostradamus Was Right!

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Talk about destiny! Here we are in the Year of the Frog Lips and BAM!! — Stoopid Kardz
are now officially a part of the Cosmic Plan – if you buy into all the Nostradamus baloney.
Which we don’t. But, hey, if it sells some kardz, “We always knew Nostradamus was right!”

Stoopid Kardz
Goes Green!

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Yup. We’re going totally green! Hey, we’re as green as the next guy! Here it
is. Our totally green Stoopid Kard for all occasions. Just green. Blank inside.
Only $99.95 (for the envelope – the kard will set you back another $99.95)
Coming in 2025. And remember, Stopid Kardz are ALWAYS Made in the
USA from 100% stuff.