“Mascot” Schmascot!!
Stoopy Bites the Dust

We just found out that stoats are a kind of weasel. And we also found out
that everybody pretty much hates weasels. They really frikkin’ skeeve people
out. Plus, we just tried to train one, you know, for a cute video – and we
found out the hard way that stoats are really un-hygienic and they leave
their poops all over the place and they make a huge mess when they feed
because their technique is to leap on their prey (birds, rabbits, mice, moles,
reptiles) and bite through the backs of their skulls! (Okay, that last part
is kind of cool but it’s not the kind of thing you can let some guy in a
stoat mascot suit do during public appearances).


So, scrap the dang stoat. Our mascot search continues…

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