Stoopid Kardz’z’z’s
Worldwide Search
for a Mascot

So many companies and products have some sort of character/mascot. Y’know,
all kinds of sports teams have them, and different cereals and other junk,
like the bee for Honey Nut Cheerios, and Uncle Ben for rice and Betty Crocker
for cakes and stuff and that scary frozen-faced fake head Burger King and the
Geico gekko. So, heck, why not Stupid Kardz? We’re going to scour the world
for the perfect mascot – an irresistible something-or-other that will spread
the questionable good will and crappy values that Stoopid Kardz stands for.
Let the search begin! … Wow! We found our first candidate already!
How about this?…


Stoopy the Stoat!…

Does he get your vote?

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