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The Universe is, Like, Big
And We’re Totally Small.
There’s A Kard For That…

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We at Stoopid Kardz look up at the sky every night (it is mandatory as stated in our employee
handbook) and we blow our minds without drugs because we get, like, this crick in our
necks that presses on nerve bundles right at the base of our skulls and whoa, is it trippy!
We tune in on this, like, thinking of our smallness and how the universe up above in the sky
is awesomely humongous. We’re, like, specks. And that’s philosophy! Chew on THAT, rival
kard kompanies with your earthly, limited, sugary sweet sentimental sentiment! Our Kozmik
Kardz have profoundness, the new 21st millennial ingredient!


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Another New Kozmik Kard!

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Stoopid Kardz believes in all the traditional occasions and holidays. But there’s more to life
than our little human thing of life. It’s time to celebrate the kozmik universe with space/time
kardz of galactic quantum good importantness that deals with dark matters and stuff.


Download the FREE Super Deluxe PDF Version of this profound kard.
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Stoopid Kardz CEO
Announces New Products

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On June 29, 2016, Yolanda Gweezo, visionary CEO of Stoopid Kardz, unveiled what is perhaps
the company’s most innovative line of greeting cards to date:


Online Kozmik Kardz


“This heralds a new era for the kardz industry,” Gweezo snarls. “Kardz deal with life’s occasions,
both trivial and milestoney, but what about the big issues? In the scheme of things we are like
ants scurrying around, while the Universe fries us with a magnifying glass. It’s time to share kardz
that demonstrate humanity’s awareness of its desire to define its role in the Kozmos.”


Having finished her profound statement, Gweezo breathes a deep sigh. She rises from her chair
and walks across her office to sit on the floor in a corner of the room, facing the wall. The interview
is over. Stoopid Kardz’z’s matriarch has spoken. And the world of greeting cards is charged forever.


Online Kozmik Kardz will be available online, free of charge until further notice. They are free
because we haven’t been able to get Yolanda Gweezo determine the price point, brush her teeth,
or get her out of the corner for days.


So, here, for our fans is the first Kozmik Kard. Kenny Dillbeak in our research department informs us
that the short verse on this kard dates back to Japan’s Asuka Period, having been written specifically
for the Emperor Kimmei around AD 541.



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