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Best New Kardz at the
National Stationery Show!

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We came, we saw, we voted ourselves the best! That’s right. According to us here at Stoopid
Kardz, we had the BEST NEW KARDZ at the whole National Stationery Show. What, you think
the show officials would vote us the best? Probably not in a million years… so we did
it ourselves. We were the best because we voted that we were and because we say so. Thus far,
nobody’s bothered to disagree.


Despite our really low budget approach to exhibit design, with our stoopid glasses, lab
coats and gregarious outlooks we certainly made a heck of an impression. The overwhelming
majority of people laughed their faces off.


Stoopid Kardz Marketing Director and foosball pro, Lucille “Moonflower” Ornithopter, declared
the whole affair to be a resounding success. “I do declare, the whole affair was a resounding
success,” she declared. She added, “Just wait until next year. Our research guys are developing
jelly-filled kardz! There are still a few logistics to work out, but with luck, Stoopid Kardz
will be the only jelly-filled kardz in the universe!”